REVIEW – June 2005

Cognitive behavioural education programme for Parkinsonian patients and carers: project EduPark


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Parkinson’s disease as a chronic neurological disorder has an essential psychosocial impact on patients’ well-being and quality of life. Several coping strategies have been developed to manage these problems. Cognitive behavioural therapy is an efficient intervention strategy; its techniques have been used in several intervention programmes developed for management of several health related problems. The purpose of the European Commission scientific project EduPark was to develop a patient education programme for patients and carers for management the disease related psychosocial problems and for improvement of quality of life by teaching cognitive and behavioural skills. The programme was applied in seven European countries with participation of 288 patients and carers. The results from applying the programme were analysed, the feasibility of the programme was estimated, and the manual for psychosocial therapy was developed.