REVIEW – December 2017

Molecular characteristics of malignant gliomas and their futuure perspectives – a review


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Today when precision medicine is becoming a norm in treatment of gliomas, a specific diagnosis that integrates histological information, tumour grade and molecular data is required. Owing to advances in molecular biotechnologies in recent years, molecular characterization of gliomas has improved significantly, leading to attempts at personalized medicine and molecularly targeted therapies. These are thought to be the futuure breakthroughs also in glioma therapy. Molecular classification of gliomas will likely be performed routinely in the futuure to guide different therapeutic options and to develop novel drugs that will likely also improve therapeutic outcomes. All things considered, immense hope exists that the latest WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System 2016 will facilitate the epidemiological, experimental and clinical studies leading to improvements in the lives of brain tumour patients.