REVIEW – March 2019

Arthroscopically assisted subtalar joint fusion in patients with subtalar arthritis

Authors: Leho Rips, Madis Rahu, Alar Toom

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Subtalar osteoarthritis is not a very common deformity but has far more negative influence on patient`s daily activities and quality of life. Such conditions have been treated with medical or surgical methods. In many cases subtalar fusion is the best option for the patient. For a long time, open procedures were the only surgical treatment for subtalar arthrodesis. Recent studies have shown that arthroscopic fusion has many advantages and lower complication rate compared to open procedure. Four patients with subtalar osteoarthritis were treated with arthroscopic arthrodesis at Tartu University Hospital in 2016 – 2017. They had no complications and fusion rate was 100%. All patients returned to physical activities at higher level than it had been before the surgery.