CASE HISTORY – August 2016

Case history: a 36-year-old female with intradural extramedullar meningeoma

Authors: Väino Sinisalu , Elli Paal, Jaan Eelmäe, Dagmar Loorits

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A 36-year-old woman was taken ill with episodic back pain. After 6 months she developed numbness of the legs and lost gradually sensation of pain and deep sensation distal of the costal arch. After approximately one year there appeared slight pyramidal signs and disturbances of the bladder and bowel functions. MRT revealed an intradural extramedullary tumour at the 6th-7th level. The tumour was resected. Histological diagnoosis was atypical meningeoma WHO grade 2. No adjuvant therapy was needed. The patient recovered totally.