REVIEW – February 2022

Congenital heart defectsmultidisciplinary management in Estonia

Authors: Raili Ermel, Eva-Liina Ustav, Ele Hanson, Kai Muru, Silvia Virro, Anne Kirss, Sirje Kõvask

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Congenital heart defects (CHD) affect around 1% of live births, approximating in around 100 children born each year in Estonia with CHD. Advances in medical knowledge and technology have ameliorated diagnostics and risen life-expectancy of these patients well into adulthood. Each patient with CHD needs an individualised approach from diagnosis to custom-made treatment and follow-up plan to achieve the best results. This article highlights the peculiarities, challenges and possible suggestions in managing such patient population in a small country with rather low number of cases. Maximal concentration of expertise in one specialized center seems like most appropriate option to provide optimal care.