REVIEW – March 2016

Dental erosion

Authors: Priit Niibo

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Dental erosion is exposure of the enamel and dentin to nonbacterial acids, whereby mineral loss occurs from the surface of the tooth. The most frequently affected areas are the palatal and labial surfaces of the maxillary incisors and the occlusal surface of the mandibular first molars. Dental erosioon can be manifested as direct softening of tooth surface or as a surface-softening lesion that is susceptible to wear. The most agressive form of wear occurs when teeth brushing takes place immediately after ingesting acidic foods or beverages. In the initial phase a typical patient with tooth wear may be unaware of the state of his or her teeth. Hence dental professionals should respond adequately and detect the problem in its early stages. Tooth wear has a multifactorial etiology and a thorough knowledge of patients` dietary and ohter oral habits are paramount for a correct diagnosis. Effective treatment of dentaal erosion includes the restorative phase but also measures that reduce direct contact with acids and increase acid resistance of the enamel and dentine.