REVIEW – November 2018

Development of antiretroviral agents during three decades and future perspective

Authors: Rein Sikut

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The development of antiretroviral agents has been remarkably fast. To date, 31 active ingredients have been introduced, which, according to their modes of action, are divided into five therapeutic classes. New medicinal products are usually administered once daily; they have fewer side effects and patients are less likely to develop resistance. Thanks to new active ingredients, efficacy of modern treatment regimens exceeds 90% as measured by the proportion of patients reaching complete viral suppression by the 48th week after treatment initiation. New treatment regimens are also becoming simpler. This year, for the first time, a tablet consisting of two active ingredients, intended for long-term preservation of virus control, has been approved. There are several new medicinal products in the developmental phase, including long-acting injectable medicinal products.