CASE HISTORY – April 2024

Experience using dermatoscopy in a family doctor’s practice: a case report


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Dermoscopy is a non-invasive, in vivo technique primarily used for the examination of skin lesions. A handheld instrument called a dermatoscope, consisting of a light source and magnifying optics, allows the visualization of subsurface skin structures that are usually not visible to the naked eye.
Overall, melanoma is the fifth most common malignant tumor in men, and the seventh most common in women, accounting for 5% and 4% of all new cancer cases respectively.
A dermoscopy may be useful in patients with multiple common or atypical nevi and at increased risk of melanoma. Particular attention should be paid to lesions with reported changes and lesions  that are clinically distinct from other lesions or clinically suspicious for melanoma.
The aim of the work is to show the possibilities of digital dermatoscopy in the practice of family doctors in the monitoring of melanocytic and other skin tumours. The article reviews literature with a focus on dermatoscopy, and presents a case description of a family doctor’s practice with the detection of a patient’s melanoma at an early stage thanks to this method.