CASE HISTORY – September

Heterotopic ossification of haematoma of adductor tendons after sports trauma: a case description and a literature overview


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There is much still unclear in the pathogenesis of heterotopic ossification (HO). After orthopaedic procedures, elbow injuries, bone fractures, high-energy soft tissue traumas, severe burns and traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries the risk of developing HO must be considered. There are no specific and clearly understood laboratory tests for diagnosing HO, therefore the diagnosis must rely on clinical presentation and radiological imaging. The mainstay of prevention is prophylactic treatment with NSAIDs. With pronounced and function limiting HO, surgical treatment should be considered and combined with prophylactic NSAIDs to reduce the risk of recurrence. Recovery after the operation is individual but athletes who have subjectively recovered should be allowed to return to sports after 4-6 weeks.