REVIEW – May 2010

Maxillary sinusitis of dental origin


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Chronic maxillary sinusitis of dental origin is a common disease accounting for about 10% to 12% of maxillary sinusitis cases. The disease may be caused by periapical granulomas, small inf lammatory cysts, impacted or infected wisdom tooth and preprotetic surgery (sinus-lift), as well as by foreign bodies, dental fillings, teeth roots, tips of broken instruments which are pushed through the root canal into the sinus. Management of chronic maxillary sinusitis of dental origin requires treatment of sinusitis as well as dental source treatment, antibiotics, decongestants if  needed and surgery in severe cases. Not less important is cooperation between the otolaryngologist and the dentist to provide conservative treatment of teeth in combination with surgical treatment of the sinus. Development of endoscopic surgical techniques provides advantages for patients, e.g. minimal surgical approach, less recovery time and absence of serious complications. Also, the Caldwell-Luc tehnique is still used. The aim of surgery is to restore the normal function of the natural ostium and to facilitate more rapid recovery of sinus clearance.