RESEARCH – December 2004

ND:YAG-laser in the treatment of angiomas of the skin


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Green light-generating lasers (532 nm) are widely used in the treatment of angiomas of the skin. The green light generated by laser equipment is absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin and causes intravascular coagulation. Further, the obstructed vessels will be resorbed.

Using laser technology, a total of 181 patients with skin angiomas were treated. Most of the patients (99) had various types of teleangiectatic malformations of the skin. Laser procedures with various impulse frequencies and power and of various duration were repeated five to seven times.

The results of the treatment were evaluated after six months. In most cases the results were good. In patients with port vein stains on rosaceae, remarkable improvement was noted. No serious complications were registered – in two cases there developed superficial haematomas.