CASE HISTORY – November 2022

Paracentral acute middle maculopathy – retinal arterial ischaemia in the deep capillary plexus: a case report and discussion

Authors: Aap Toming

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PAMM is a diagnosis that is important for the opththalmologist to notice, because it often indicates a possible systemic disease which might need treatment. It is possible to save long-term vision if treatment is started promptly.
Cooperation between primary care physicians and specialists is important in management of PAMM since the treatment of retinal perfusion comprises anticoagulation, lowering of intraocular pressure, identifying cardial risk factors and possible retinal inflammation, as well as assessment of carotid arteries. Associations between D-dimer levels and retinal perfusion need to be considered as well. Ophthalmology is a quickly developing field; hence continuous adoption of more sophisticated diagnostic apparatuses would allow to diagnose new ocular conditions, which in some cases might be the first sign of a dangerous systemic disease.