Poisoning of laundry gel pods

Authors: Tiia Voor

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Poisoning with laundry gel pods is one of the most common causes of intoxication in toddlers. In most cases, laundry gel capsule poisoning is an acute condition that requires short-term hospitalization and does not cause long-term damage. However, the substance in the laundry gel capsule is highly concentrated and can cause not only erosion of the tissue but also tissue necrosis. In case the gel is aspired, it can lead to chemical pneumonitis. The article describes pulmonary damage due to aspiration pneumonia caused by the foam of a laundry gel capsule in a toddler who is now a schoolchild but chemical pneumonitis has not completely healed. Recommendations are given for prevention and first aid in the case of poisoning with the laundry gel pods and chemical pneumonitis in children.