REVIEW – February 2016

Pregnancy after organ transplatation

Authors: Kristi Anderson, Pille Vaas

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Almost 60 years have passed since the description of the first pregnancy after organ transplantation. Currently more than 14, 000 organ recipient pregnancies have been registered in the world and their number is growing proportionately with the increasing number of performed transplantations. Pregnancy after kidney transplantation is the most common. Successful pregnancies after transplantation of liver, heart, lung, small intestine and other organ have been reported. Transplantation increases the fertility of women with organ failure and a better knowledge of immunology and pharmacology renders these pregnancies safer for the child as well as for the involved organ. The objectives of this article were to clarify the relationships between transplantation and increased fertility, as well as to find out how immunological modulations during pregnancy infl uence the donor organ; to describe the most frequent pregnancy complications and the side effects of immunosuppressive treatment.