REVIEW – September 2022

Remote monitoring of cardiac implantable electronic devices

Authors: Nikita Umov

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The number of patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED), such as the pacemaker and implantable cardiacdefibrillator, as well as cardiac resynchronization therapy, increases year by year, which results in an increased number of ambulatory follow-up visits. Remote monitoring (RM) is a new approach to the follow-up of patients with CIEDs, which can safely and significantly reduce the number of ambulatory visits, while allowing early detection of clinically important heart arrhythmias. This allows to implement therapy at the early stagesof the disease, which decreases the number of emergency department visits, hospitalisations and length of stay, and which ensures cost- effective RM of CIEDs. Remote monitoring allows patients to economise on their costs associated with transportation to the hospital, as well as to increase their quality of life.