REVIEW – November 2021

Retinal periphlebitis and its pathogenetic associations with multiple sclerosis

Authors: Kaarel Kree, Reili Rebane, Kalev Nõupuu, Kuldar Kaljurand, Helene Kohv, Kadi Lukats, Jüri Hirmo, Malle Alilender, Janek Vilisaar

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The article provides a review on retinal periphlebitis (RP) in a subgroup of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). The concept of RP in MS has not been revisited in the context of recent developments in heterogeneity of MS pathogenesis. RP could represent a clinical marker for the MS endophenotype with particular vascular antigenic targets and implications for future treatment of these patients. The aspects of the immune mechanisms involved in RP and their possible relation to MS leptomeningeal lesions warrant further investigation.