REVIEW – January 2015

Rotaviral enteritis

Authors: Karmen Stimmer, Kadri Kõivumägi, Matti Maimets

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Rotaviral enteritis (RVE) is a vaccinepreventable disease that causes discomfort in children and their parents and imposes additional stress on the medical system.

The mortality of RVE is much lower in European countries than in the developing world. However, in some cases rotaviirus infection may lead to severe dehydration and fatal outcome.

To prevent RVE, there are two licensed vaccines: monovalent Rotarix and pentavalent RotaTeq. In Europe, as of February 2014, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Greece, Norway and the United Kingdom have implemented universal rotavirus vaccination.

In July 2014 universal vaccination of infants was implemented in Estonia.

This article provides an overview of the pathogenesis and clinical course of rotaviral enteritis, and available prophylaxis.