REVIEW – August 2023

Time travel from the birth of cesarean section to the present day


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Caesarean section is an operation with a long history, which was first documented as early as the 17th century. In ancient times, childbirth was a major challenge, which is why it was not possible to save the life of both mother and child at every birth. Nowadays, cesarean section is one of the most common methods of childbirth, but even now the possibility of risks is not completely non-existent. The development of medicine has created an opportunity for mothers to choose the best delivery method for themselves. Unfortunately, the risks associated with choosing a cesarean section are often not taken into account. Obstetric surgery has not yet progressed to the point where robots will completely take over the doctor’s role. Also, there are still no innovative methods that can replace ancient, but still well-applied surgical techniques. However, the most effective solution to prevent wound infection is yet being sought.