REVIEW – October 2019

Up-to-date quality programme and its applicability in nursing care

Authors: Aleksei Gaidajenko, Ingel Ilves, Janne Klusova, Helen Valk, Katre Zirel, Kristi Rannus

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Nurses make up the front line of the health system and have the most direct contact with the patient in the chain of services offered in health care. The overall quality of nursing care depends on their performance and job satisfaction. Thus, each healthcare provider is interested in an effective strategy for developing and recognizing the quality of nursing care. Despite the plurality of quality management theories, Magnet® is the only programme that has proved its applicability in nursing management in contemporary literature and as well in practice. The magnethospital recognition programme is a tool for assessment of nursing quality and it is used to accredit and recognise hospitals as Magnethospitals. This review article uses the term magnethospital, which indicates the use of quality indicators in nursing and the use of the latest scientific information to improve the quality of nursing care. Following Magnet®, the programme helps to create a work environment that supports and empowers nurses to progress as a united team according to the most updated information and future challenges in the healthcare system. The result is the best manning and higher job satisfaction of nurses, which in turn means better results for patients, as well as for the personnel and the organization.