CASE HISTORY – November 2016

Atypical paratesticular lipomatous tumour (well differentiated liposarcoma). Case report

Authors: Andrei Uksov, Denis Uksov, Oksana Zahharova

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A fifty-nine-year- old man was seeking medical aid because of a dense mass in the scrotum, that had grown during the previous 4 months but had not yet caused marked complaints. On medical investigation a dense tumour with a diameter of about 10 cm, located largely on the right side, was palpable in the scrotum. Both testes were palpable separately from the tumorous mass. A CT scan showed a well demarcated mass, containing a lipomatous component, behind the right testis. Both testes with a normal structure were seen separately from the tumour.

Surgery, a right-side orchiofuniculectomy, was performed and the tumour was removed. On histological investigation a well differentiated liposarcoma grade G1 by the WHO classification was diagnosed.

The patient recovered without any compl ications, Postoperative adjuvant therapy was not indicated. The presente type of testicular tumours is extremely rare.