REVIEW – March 2012

Bariatric Surgery


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In the developed world obesity related issues are becoming one of the health priorities. In this context bariatric surgery is among the fastest developing areas of surgery at present, being virtually the only efficient treatment method ensuring a long lasting effect in severe obesity. Apart from marked body weight loss, bariatric surgery is also beneficial in the aspect of relieving or even resolving several diseases accompanying obesity (type 2 diabetes, hypertonia, sleep apnoea, dyslipidemias, etc). Indications for surgical treatment are BMI higher than 40 or BMI higher than 35 associated with some obesity related disease. Today, laparoscopic treatment methods are predominantly used, which has significantly contributed to the lowering of complication rate. Basic methods are gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric band and biliopancreatic diversion. Patients require postoperative preventive replacement therapy with microelements and vitamins as well as monitoring.

Adequate management guarantees improvement in the quality of life and lengthening of the lifespan. Surgical treatment of obesity is also cost-effective.