REVIEW – October 2009

Multimodal treatment of colorectal cancer


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Colorectal cancer is a frequent malignant disease all over the world, especially in countries with high income. While stabilisation or even a decrease in the incidence is sometimes observed, then in Estonia an opposite trend has been noted in recent decades. Considerable differences in survival among different countries are evident, which are due to many factors.

Treatment of colorectal cancer in general has evolved rapidly during the last two decades. Changes are discernible  in all principal treatment modalities. In surgery TME and laparoscopic approach, in systemic management new agents (including biologicals) and in radiotherapy a contemporary and preferably preoperative approach are among the key advances worth mentioning. In addition, possibilities of interventional radiology are expanding and attract increasing interest among clinicians. All this stresses the importance of cooperation between different specialists on a daily basis in order to achieve the best results for the patients.