RESEARCH – May 2008

Overview of the dental service and prevalence of oral diseases among 5–7-year-old children in Tartu


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OBJECTIVE. The aim of our study was to find out the frequency of caries among 5–7-year old children in Tartu.
METHODS. A total of 552 kindergarten children and 383 first-form children aged five to seven years were examined. Their hygiene index was measured.
RESULTS. The results demonstrated a regular occurrence of caries among kindergarten and first-form children. In several cases not only the milk teeth but the permanent teeth were also endangered by decaying. The oral cavity hygiene of children with teeth problems who had not received dental treatment was in a markedly poorer state than that of the children who had undergone dental treatment or had intact teeth.
CONCLUSIONS. The dental service of children is better than it was a decade ago. Comparison of our results with results form previous years reveals positive changes. We hope that in the future parents give more attention to treatment of permanent teeth.