RESEARCH – January 2005

Patient satisfaction with nursing care in Tartu


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The aim of the study was to assess patient satisfaction with nursing care in the department of nursing care of Tartu University Clinics, to explore patients’ expectations and needs and to assess if these needs are met. Although there is waiting time for nursing care, about 91% of the patients are satisfied with the service. The patients are well-informed about the service and the main information source is the family doctor. Regarding health care services, 51% of the respondents received information from their family doctor and 80% of the respondents answered that the family doctor is the key-person and advisor in the selection of social welfare services. Although satisfaction with nursing care is high, only 35% would recommend the same service to other patients. This figure does not reflect the quality of provided service but is rather an indicator of the health status of the patients. As about 2/3 of the respondents assessed their health status as poor or even very poor, while they cannot cope independently, they will not recommend a similar situation to others. This survey revealed high satisfaction not only with the service of nursing care but also with the family doctor’s role in health care and in the social welfare system. Family doctors are the key persons guiding patients not only in health care but also in social welfare services.