RESEARCH – December 2003

Psycho-physiological analysis of training session in aerobics


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The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the intensity of the training session in aerobics. A total of 21 female persons aged 18-50 (x = 32.0 years) took part in the investigation. The training session in body –aerobics style that lasted for 55 min consisted of five different parts: a warming- up, main part, power exercises in the upright position, power exercises in the recumbent position and cooling–down. During the training session heart rate was continuously recorded (Polar sport-tester, Finland); after each part of the session, blood lactate was measured (Arcray Pro analyser, Japan).
On the basis of these data, a continuous lactate curve for the whole training session was simulated with the Karu-Slavin software LACTATE. Surprisingly, a significant discrepancy was found between the relatively low heart rate and the high values of lactate during the recumbent part of the exercises. This fact should be taken into consideration in determining the dosage of exercise intensity in aerobics.