RESEARCH – February 2004

Satisfaction with primary health care among Estonian adult population in 2002


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The aim of the study was to assess satisfaction with the reform in primary health care (PHC) among the Estonian adult population (15–74) as well as to compare the results with the study conducted in 1998. In 2002, most Estonian residents had personal contact with their primary health care doctor. The rate of overall satisfaction with the PHC doctor has increased. Waiting time was 0–4 days for most patients (90%). In the case of health problems during the  weekend or at nighttime, 50% of the respondents preferred to call an ambulance, and 25% called their PHC doctor. Of the respondents, two-thirds preferred direct access to the specialist, and one-third would like to consult the PHC doctor first. Satisfaction with the PHC doctor, acceptability of the changes in PHC, and the length of waiting time varied in different regions and were evaluated lower by the respondents from Tallinn. However, in general, the positive trend of changes in PHC since 1998 was evident in Tallinn as well.