REVIEW – April 2023

The most common problems associated with cosmetic injections and their possible solutions

Authors: Helen Uibu, Külli Kingo

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The popularity of different cosmetic injections is constantly rising. The most common cosmetic injections include botulinum toxin and various dermal filler injections. As these treatments are often used concomitantly, it is important to be aware of the problems related to both types of injections. The most common complications of cosmetic injections are local injection site reactions such as pain, bruising, erythema and swelling, which are usually self-limiting. However, dermal filler or toxin migration and the asymmetries created with the wrong injection technique can be much more problematic to treat, not to mention the several types
of nodular masses and tissue reactions that can occur depending on numerous factors. Drastic complications such as blindness and tissue necrosis need immediate treatment and can have devastating consequences. As the technical complexity of procedures and
severity of complications increase, so does the need for the ability to plan and perform such procedures and to treat associated complications.