Brain metastasis and the first clinical manifestation of oesophageal cancer


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A 68- year-old male was admitted to hospital with signs of fatigue, ataxia and vertigo. Two years earlier the patient had been admitted due to cerebellar infarction and thrombosis of the right vertebral artery. Recovery had been almost full.

On admission brain CT and MRT revealed cerebellar tumour of 4.19×3.47 cm, brain metastasis was suspected.

A few days later the tumour was removed via posterior craniotomy. Microscopically differentiated carcinoma was diagnosed.

Postoperatively, the patient`s condition was relatively stable, but one week later signs of dysphagia were manifested. There were no signs of bulbar paralysis. Chest CT revealed a tumour obstructing the oesophagus.

For palliation of dysphagia an oesophageal stent (HANAROSTENT EPB) was endoscopically placed on the stenotic site. Further, the patient was sent to the department of oncology for chemotherapy.