REVIEW – December 2003

Epidemiological situation in Estonia in 2002


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An overview is presented of the epidemiological situation concerning infectious intestinal diseases in Estonia in 2002. Continuing decrease in the number of disease cases is a characteristic feature. There have not occurred local cases of typhoid fever or paratyphoid fever for years. Also the cases of viral hepatitis A have decreased in number, despite the fact that there have not been implemented new preventive measures. Inthe last year there were 12 outbreaks of infectious intestinal diseases. The article gives a brief overview of the immunprophylaxis of infectious diseases in Estonia. No cases of poliomyelitis (the last case occurred in 1961), measles (the last case occurred in 2000) and diphtheria. Mumps and rubella have declined. Immunprophylaxis is carried out according to a government designed programme and is free of charge for the person. Thanks to these measures the population group to be immunized is adequately covered. Among the diseases transferred by arthropods, tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease are spreading.