CASE HISTORY – September 2020

Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture: a case report and a review

Authors: Hanna Kadri Laas, Dagny Viks, Indrek Benno, Tanel Laisaar

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Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture (DR) is a rare potentially life-threatening injury caused by blunt or penetrating trauma. The most common diagnostic methods are computed tomography or x-ray imaging. Diagnosis of DR is often delayed due to nonspecific and modest symptomatology. High suspicion in patients with severe chest or abdominal trauma is a key to correct and timely diagnosis. DR can cause diaphragmatic hernia, i.e. herniation of abdominal organs into the chest cavity via a diaphragmatic defect. Delayed diagnosis can cause strangulation and perforation in herniated organs and be the cause of death. Treatment of DR is always surgical including reponition of herniated organs and closing the defect primarily or by using artificial materials. We present a case of delayed diagnosis of diaphragmatic rupture supplied with a relevant literature review.